PharmaMale is part of O'Casey's Pharmacy in East Wall, Dublin 3. PharmaMale is an extension of the care and consideration that O'Casey's Pharmacy brings to their clients and community every day. 

PharmaMale is owned and led by licensed pharmacist Fionnuala Johnstone. Fionnuala attended the Royal College of Surgeons, where she achieved a BSc in Pharmacy, while also completing a Masters in Pharmacy. Fionnuala understands the importance of a balanced lifestyle which is highlighted from her community involvement and spirit at O'Casey's Pharmacy. 

I wanted to be a pharmacist from about 16, I always liked the idea of being a central part of the community and helping people everyday. I love interacting with customers and helping to address their health concerns and needs."

Fionnuala is particularly interested in vitamins, supplements and skincare. She is constantly looking at new products and ways to help increase her own health, as well as those around her. Thus, PharmaMale was born.

At PharmaMale we know that each individual's needs differ, and for this reason we offer a range of supplements that every man can benefit from while catering to the varying needs of all men. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us HERE.